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Learn the Common Reasons for Immigration Visa Refusal and How to Overcome it.

In this new article, I would like to share with you some common reasons on why temporary visas are being refused. We hope that this article will help you not being refused or to overcome your refusal if you have ever been refused.

When you apply for a temporary resident visa, which means a visitor, student or work visa, your application will be reviewed by an immigration officer which is called the examination. At the end of the examination, an officer will take a decision, whether positive or negative (approved or refused). During the examination, the officer will make sure that you are inadmissible and that you meet the requirements of the immigration Act.

Let’s review some common reasons that we have seen during our career and what you can do to overcome it if it applies to you.

Reason 1: You will not leave the country at the end of your period of authorized of stay.

This reason comes back 90% of the time. The officer is not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your temporary visa. In order to overcome this reason, you will need to prove that you have ties with your home country such as properties, cars, others assets, etc. In your application, add as many ties with your home country as possible!

You need to prove that you will leave the country every time you apply for a temporary resident visa.

Reason 2: you are not qualified to do the job offered.

This reason arises when you apply for a work visa. In order to receive a work visa, you will need to prove that you can do the job offered in Canada. The officer is looking for letter of references from previous employers, but also he wants to verify that you have been paid! Don’t forget to add your pay-stub to prove your previous work experience.

Reason 3: Incomplete application or mistakes in the immigration forms.

It happens that you can make a mistake while filling your immigration forms, or you submitted the wrong documents to the Government of Canada. Your only way to overcome that would be to re-apply and to make sure you are applying for the right program, with the proper documents.

Reason 4: You used an outdated immigration form.

Immigration forms are being revised every so often. Please make sure that you are using the up-to-date immigration form! If you are not sure, please visit this link:

Reason 5: insufficient funds available

This reason arises often when you applied for a student visa. Having money readily available in your bank account will play an important role into being approved or not. Don’t forget, you will need to show-money for your first year of school in Canada, including tuitions fee + cost of living! If you don’t have sufficient funds, you can ask a family member to support you.

Reason 6: Travel history

The Immigration officer in charge of your file will verify your travel history to see if you have stay longer than authorized in any other country than your country of residence to help him make a decision. It happens that some candidates have never had the chance to travel before. If you have been refused for this reason, explain to the officer why you never had the opportunity to travel in a letter.

Reason 7: Purpose of visit

Sometimes, applicants are being refused because of their unclear purpose of visit. Remember, you are applying for temporary resident visa which means you need to show the immigration officer a clear purpose of visit as well as a clear reason that you will depart Canada before or at the end of authorization of stay.

I hope that if you have been refused for one of these reasons, you will find an answer on how to overcome your refusal. It is not because of have been refused once or twice that you cannot reapply again. If you feel that you can get approved, re-apply!

If you need assistance in your immigration procedures to overcome a refusal or to make a successful first application, please feel free to connect with us! I wrote below 7 reasons why we are different from others immigration agencies.

1. We are certified by ICCRC (License Number: R533955).

2. We are available when you need us. Whether via phone call, WhatsApp, email, or walk-in.

3. We only charge you if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada.

4. We do not charge you everything in one shot. Rather, it is a step-by-step payment depending on where we are on your immigration procedure.

5. We have been in your shoes before. Our legal consultant is also an immigrant and had been through these immigration procedures himself.

6. We speak English, French, Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese.

7. We do not HIDE anything.

We hope all the success in your future temporary application and you will be able to overcome your refusal if you have one. Don’t forget that we are here to help at or at +1(403)471-8035.

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