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Opening a Business

The Government of Canada understands how important it is to bring investors to Canada to help grow the economy and create employment for Canadians and residents. 

Learn more today on how to open your business in Canada and how to get permanent resident status by contacting us.

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There are different available programs to enable you to open a business in Canada. Fidus Immigration works a lot with the Owner/Operator visa. It is a Federal pathway that enables you to open a business anywhere in Canada, except in Quebec. 

How does the Owner-Operator Visa work?

Prior to submitting your application, you must demonstrate that: 

  • You have a controlling interest in the business by either being the sole proprietor or being a majority shareholder or by providing an official document to confirm that you have a controlling interest. 

  • You must have a strong business plan. Your plan must show that your business will create general economic stimulus (such as job creation, development in a regional or remote setting or expansion of export markets for Canadian products and services); and advancement of the Canadian industry (such as technological development, product or service innovation or differentiation or opportunities for improving the skills of Canadians).

  • You must show that you will actively manage your business.

Process to Apply:

  • Meet the above requirements.

  • Apply for an Owner-Operator LMIA.

  • Receive a positive LMIA.

  • Apply for a work visa.

  • Receive your work-visa.

  • Operate your business in Canada.

Note: once you receive a positive LMIA, you will receive extra points under your Express Entry profile that will help you receive an Invitation to Apply. 


How Can Fidus immigration Help You in Opening your Business in Canada?

Fidus Immigration has a professional team in place to help you make the process as easy as possible. 

Our team includes two real estate agents, an accountant, and a financial professional working for an important bank in Canada. 


How to Open your Business in Canada 

How does the Process Works


Meet with our real estate agent to find a business that will suit your goal. 


Meet with our accountant that will help you write your business plan.


Meet our financial professional to help you transfer funds in Canada.


Meet our immigration professional to help you complete the entire procedure in getting your LMIA and your Work-Visa.

Please feel to email us or book a consultation to learn more or start the process as soon as of today. Our team is ready to help you!

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